2500 T&B, Trainer and Beeper


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Locate your dog in heavy underbrush by sound controlled at the transmitter.

Designed especially for hunting upland birds such as quail, pheasant, grouse, woodcock, partridges and other landfowls.

Beeper horn integrated with the receiver body situates itself below the dog’s neck to limit the sound directed toward the dogs ears and to reduce the likelihood of snagging on obstacles such as wire fences and heavy brush.


Main features:

Range signal to receiver about 1 mile, beeper can be heard by most hunters up to about 1200 feet.

Variable rheostat in the transmitter controls the intensity of the correction / communication discharge from very low to high level stimulation.

Rapid charge lithium polymer batteries charge from zero to 100% in about 2 hours.

Momentary or continuous stimulation (up to 12 seconds).

Locating sound modes: Run and Point, Run only, Locate.

Selector switch on transmitter to choose high or low pitch beep.

Belt clip and neck lanyard included.

Both transmitter and collar are 100% waterproof

LCD backlighted screen indicates exact intensity being set and the approximate battery charge remaining in the transmitter.

LED in receiver indicates battery life remaining.

For dogs as amall as 35 lbs.

With our training collars we always include long contact points for dogs with very long or dense hair at no extra cost.

2 year guarantee

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