Universal training and control collar for dogs of all purposes, such as pets, work, hunting, etc.

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640C Features:

– Range of up to 600 meters

– Momentary and continuous stimulation

– Vibrator without impulses (without stimulation), very useful to train ultra-sensitive dogs, puppies too young for normal impulses (less than six months old) or to communicate with deaf dogs.

– Infinite amount of intensities from low to medium with regulator

– Screen that indicates the exact intensity you have chosen and the remaining battery charge in the Transmitter.

– Receiver battery status indicated by the color of its bright LED.

– Both the Transmitter and the Receiver are 100% waterproof.

– Very light. Receiver weight only 61 gr. without strap. Weight with original strrap 117 grams before trimming to fit the dog properly.

– The batteries are of the lithium-polymer type that allow a full charge in just 2 hours without the possibility of overcharging.

– This model is for one dog only. It is not expandable by adding another Receiver. If you think you might want to train two dogs at the same time, consider one of the models that has two Receivers or one that is expandable, for example the iQ Plus, the ARC 800 or the 4500 EDGE.

The main differences between the 610C and 640C are that the 640C has a rotary dial (potentiometer) on the top of the case and has an LCD screen to show the exact level of stimulation, including in dark or low light conditions, and the state of charge of the Transmitter battery.

– Two-year warranty.

– Normally available in 5 – 15 days,

Package Contents: transmitter, receiver, battery charger, splitter cable, test lamp, owner’s manual, padded carrying case, full-size electrodes (15mm), long size electrodes (19 mm) added at no additional cost by Collares Electrónicos ¡Y más!, and plastic non-stimulating electrodes to accustom the dog to wearing a collar.

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