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An extraordinary device for training the working dog with positive reinforcement

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The Dogtra Ball Trainer / Launcher is a unique dual-function ball launch and release trainer designed for training working dogs. The set is expandable up to 8 devices with a transmitter that has a range of 100 meters. Its dual function of throwing and releasing the balls and its compact size make it adaptable for a variety of types of training, from detection training to search and rescue training.

THROWING DISTANCE: The Dogtra Ball Trainer / Launcher throws the ball about 150 cm. into the air. This is essential for K-9 scent detection and to excite the dog as it gives an immediate reward from a distance to confirm the desired behavior.

DROPPER LIMIT: The dropper can hold up to 3 balls at a time, avoiding wasting time reloading excessively during training. Get the most out of your training session with your dog with this compact dual-function launcher / dropper.

RANGE OF 100 METERS: The transmitter has a range of up to 100 meters. Develop your dog’s independence while staying away from the launcher to help train in detection and search and rescue drills.

REPLACEABLE BATTERIES: The Trainer / Launcher’s batteries are user replaceable. The unit uses six 1.5V AA alkaline batteries, while the transmitter uses two 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries.

EXPANDABLE: The Trainer / Launcher is expandable to include as many as 8 receivers. It is perfect for training several dogs at once or for having multiple scent training locations. The transmitter has 8 different buttons to make it easy to distinguish which Trainer / Launcher is being selected. Get the most out of your training session with this versatile piece of training equipment.

Two year warranty.

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