Complete PL1 Launcher, Box, Solenoid, Transmitter and Receiver


For larger sizes of small game – ducks, pheasants, hares, etc.

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With adjustable, spring-loaded tension, the hunter/trainer can release a sample of the prey or launch a dummy for training his or her hunting dog. The PL1 Launcher is intended for use with objects larger and heavier than those used with a QL1 Launcher.

The PL1 Launcher system is the perfect tool for training your hunting dog with medium to large sized small game. Designed to launch prey the size of a large rabbit, a hare, a large partridge, a pheasant or a duck, the hunting dog is maintained in proper form, no matter the season of the year.

Main features:

This is the complete set, consisting of a PL launcher box, an RRDeluxe Transmitter, an RRDeluxe Receiver, a solenoid (release mechanism) mounted on the box, and a charger capable of charging both the Transmitter and the Receiver at the same time.

· Unrestricted diffusion of the prey’s scent, thanks to the perforations in the box that allow air to free-flow through.

· Signal range up to 1,600m

· Dimensions 33.5cm long x 17.5cm wide x 17.5cm high

· Acoustic locator built into the receiver, for easy location of the launcher box in heavy undergrowth and in reduced light.

· An additional box with additional receiver can be purchased separately for use with the original transmitter.

· Available for up to 16 launchers operating with the same transmitter. Up to 7 more launcher boxes of either the QL or the PL model with receivers and up to eight more launchers of either type box can be added with a connecting cable instead of a receiver after purchasing the first system.

. 2-year warranty.

. Normally available in 5 to 15 days.

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