iQ Plus Duo


Same as iQ Plus, but for two dogs.

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This version of the iQ Plus model is for two dogs, each with its own Receiver (collar). It is perfectly suitable for dogs of all sizes and personalities except the largest and most difficult (for example a mixed breed dog of Mastiff and Hound, used in hunting big game).

The description is the same as the iQ Plus, except that it has two Receivers and the system to charge the batteries is for the Transmitter and the two Receivers at the same time.


– Range up to 400 meters

– Momentary and continuous stimulation

– Vibrator without impulses (without stimulation), very useful for training ultra-sensitive dogs, puppies too young for normal impulses (less than six months old) or for communicating with deaf dogs.

– Both Receivers are 100% watertight (waterproof) and the Transmitter is waterproof.

– Very light. Receiver weight only 61 gr. without strap. Weight with leash 117 grams before trimming the leash to fit the dog properly.

– The batteries are of the lithium-polymer type that allow a full charge in just 2 hours without the possibility of overcharging.

– The status of the Receiver and Transmitter batteries are indicated by the color of their bright LEDs.

– Two-year warranty

– Set consists of: Transmitter, Receiver, padded carrying case, charger with double plug, translation of the manual into Spanish, long electrodes at no additional cost, testing lamp.

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