PL Box with Receiver and Solenoid, without Transmitter


To launch more times without stopping and reloading the Launcher box.

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The same PL Launcher box and Receiver as the PL1, but without the Transmitter (remote control), to increase the size and utility of your Dogtra Launcher system.

To augment a small game dog training program. Thanks to its own Receiver, this box can be placed near or far from the other launcher box(es) without having to connect it with an extension cable. Each box is activated through a signal emitted from the same Transmitter.

With the Dogtra PL1 or QL1 system Transmitter you can combine any quantity of up to 8 additional boxes of QL or PL sizes with Receivers to enjoy a complete training program for your club or other group of hunters. and not miss the rhythm of a normal hunt. Furthermore, one more launch box can be connected to each of the 8 boxes through a 5 meter extension cable plugged into the receiver of one of the 8 main boxes, activating it individually with the same Transmitter.

This set consists of a PL launcher box, a Deluxe RR Receiver, and a battery charger capable of charging both a Tansmitter and the Receiver at the same time.

Available in 5 to 15 days.

Two year warranty.

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