QL Box with Solenoid, without Transmitter and without Receiver


Increase your training program with more Launcher boxes.

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To augment a small game dog training program using an extension cable (not included) or to replace a damaged Launcher Box that still has a usable Receiver.

The same box as the QL1 Launcher, but controlled via a RRDeluxe transmitter (not included) and a 5 metre cable connecting the solenoid on this box to the receiver on a QL1 complete Launcher.

Each Launcher is activated through a signal emitted from the same RRDeluxe Transmitter.

With Dogtra’s RRDeluxe Transmitter and up to 8 PL1 or QL1 sets you can mix any quantity of up to 8 Launcher boxes of QL or PL size to enjoy a complete training program for your club or other group of small game hunters, maintaining the rhythm of a normal hunting experience. In addition, up to 8 of this type of Launcher boxes can be connected to each of the 8 boxes primary Launcher boxes through 5 meter extension cables connecting the Receivers of the 8 main boxes at one end to the Solenoids mounted on the 8 additional boxes, activating each individually with the same RRDeluxe Transmitter.

This set consists of a QL Launcher box and a Solenoid. You will need a “primary” Launcher Box with Receiver, a 5 metre connector cable and a Transmitter from the “primary” QL1 or PL1 set.

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