QL1 Launcher Complete with Transmitter, Receiver and Solenoid


Medium sized bird launcher

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Complete with Dogtra’s latest electronic system, the “RR Deluxe”, this launcher set offers you variable force launches at a distance of up to 1600m at exactly the moment you require.  

The Dogtra QL1 small prey launcher is the perfect tool to train your dog for small game hunting with prey of small to medium sizes. The QL1 launcher has been designed to launch birds of sizes such as quail, partridges and rabbits of normal sizes, or simulations typical of these animals to be able to train your hunting dog the correct way to react. no matter the season of the year.


· Excellent scent diffusion. Large perforations in the box allow air to free-flow through, carrying the scent downwind naturally.

· The electronic system used in this apparatus is of the same high digital quality for which the Dogtra educational collars are famous.

· Transmitter signal range is up to 1,600m.

· You will never lose the QL1 in the undergrowth, thanks to an acoustic locator built into the receiver. With the RRDeluxe Transmitter choose between two types of sound: a duck’s loud quack or a high pitched loud beep.

· The Transmitter controls up to 16 launchers. Boxes of the QL or PL model, with or without receivers, can be added at any time after purchasing the first system and all controlled by the same transmitter.

· Dimensions 21.8 cm long x 11.4 cm wide x 17.5 cm high.

· The set consists of a QL launcher box, a RRDeluxe Transmitter, a RRDeluxe Receiver, an electric solenoid triggering mechanism, and a charger capable of charging both the tansmitter and the receiver at the same time.

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