YS-300, Anti-Bark Collar


For dogs of all sizes and temperaments

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By far our most popular anti-bark collar, the YS-300 was designed for dogs of all sizes and breeds. It offers a correction system through both vibration and impulses.

With vibration before impulse correction, the dog will learn to stop barking the moment it feels the short warning vibration. Once the animal has learned what the vibration means, the owner can replace the steel electrodes with plastic ones (included), thus avoiding the possibility of irritation to the animal’s neck from wearing a metal object next to the sking during extended periods. This will lengthen the time during which the dog can wear the collar safely and comfortably.


– A warning in the form of vibration before giving an impulse stimulation.

– Six intensity levels between 2 and 7 make the collar adaptable for dogs of all personalities.

– A level «T» (Test) position tests the operation of the collar.

– Lithium polymer battery for fast charging in two hours or less.

– Suitable for dogs as small as 5 Kg. (11 lbs.)

– Three-color LED indicator informs you of the battery status.

– 100% submersible.

– Small and light size 5.5cm. (2.2″) x 4.1cm. (1.6″) x 3cm. (1.2″) with only 64 grams (2.3 oz.) of weight without the strap (whose weight depends on how much you trim off to fit your dog’s neck,)

– Included in the set is a pair of anti-microbe plastic “electrodes” (non-conductive) to protect the animal’s skin.

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