YS-600, Anti-Bark Collar


For more difficult, medium to large dogs.

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Designed for medium to very large dogs, the Dogtra YS-600 has a voice-recognition sensor that distinguishes the barking of the dog wearing the collar from that of other dogs nearby as well as from ambient noise, being activated only by the barking or howling of the pet that is wearing the collar.

YS-600 is totally waterproof and comes with a fast-charging lithium polymer battery that accepts a full charge in about 2 hours.

The intensity level of the stimulation is selected from the 10 available levels. Before each discharge the dog receives an alert through the vibration of the device so that if the dog stops barking will avoid the discharge. Most dogs learn this “trick” within a few minutes.

The Dogtra YS-600 is an intelligent anti-bark system that performs a self-activation analysis to evaluate each sound emitted by the dog and emit the appropriate correction in thousandths of a second so that the training is totally effective and your dog stops barking very quickly.

By correctly using the collar your dog will learn to stop barking with only the vibration warning and the electrical pulsations discharge will no longer be necessary.


– Pre-warning by vibration before each electric stimulation.

– Valid for small to very large dogs. We do not recommend for very small dogs.

– 10 levels of programmable impulses.

– Smart technology increases the level of discharge depending on the bark.

– Activation by the vibration of the vocal cords of the wearer, avoiding activation due to barking from other dogs or external noises.

– 2 second pause between each correction.

– Submersible.

– Lithium polimer battery with fast charge (charger supplied).

– Battery status indicator with a built-in LED.

– 70cm. long strap.

– 2 Year warranty.

– Normally in stock.

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Included in the pack:

– Submersible anti-bark collar.

– Fast battery charger.

– Stainless steel electrodes.

Also available through separate purchase are long electrodes for dogs with especially long, thick hair, and for dogs who have learned to respond to just the vibration and need to wear the collar for more than 8 hour period we offer long non-conductive plastic electrodes.